Fibre – Great for Your Gut 

The term dietary fibre probably rings a bell. But what is it that makes fibre so important? Find out more about this essential part of our nutrition, its benefits and how you can get plenty in your...
Rawbite Cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon Rolls with creamy RAWBITE filling

Spring is close, it’s sunnier outside and easter is around the corner. With our cinnamon rolls with creamy RAWBITE filling you will impress family and friends at your next brunch, coffee meeting or...
RAWBITE Proteinbar training

Can you get enough protein in a vegan diet? 

As an athlete, can you stick to a vegan lifestyle and get enough protein? We’ve got the answer and it’s a resounding “Yes!”  Read on to find out more about what our bodies need protein for, how muc...
RAWBITE raisins

The raisin – raising the bar for deliciousness 

Wrinkled but sweet: we’re all familiar with raisins as the heavy lifter in trail mixes. But what else do you know about raisins? For instance, which variety is named after a city? And that you can ...
RAWBITE Christmas lunch

Julefrokost: Putting a vegan spin on a traditional Danish festive get-together

Have you ever asked yourself how the Danes celebrate the weeks before Christmas? Or how to survive the festive season if you’re a vegan? Asta Schack, the popular vegan influencer, tells us about th...
RAWBITE Cinnamon

Cinnamon – Magically Sweet and Spicy

Sprinkled on porridge, used in baking or in mulled wine: if December had a smell, it would probably be the warm spiciness of cinnamon. Let’s take a look at Santa’s favourite spice