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Copenhagen Guide – Sights, activities, and food

From castles and restaurants, over boats and beaches to amusements parks and skiing - The capital of Denmark will put a magic spell on you. As a danish brand, we like to believe we are the right co...

Vanilla – a RAWBITE favourite that’s anything but vanilla

Vanilla is known and loved all around the world for its wonderful flavour. Read on to find out where it grows, what the difference between vanilla paste and extract is, what makes Bourbon vanilla s...
Gooey Vegan Brownies with RAWBITE

Gooey Vegan Brownies with RAWBITE

Are you craving deliciously soft Brownies? Try this vegan recipe with our RAWBITE bars and satisfy your sweet tooth.
RAWBITE Christmas

Christmas in Scandinavia

 “Made in Denmark” not only describes our tasty bars, but also a wide range of cosy Christmas traditions. In this post, we’re sharing four Danish Christmas traditions that will up the good cheer fa...

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Cookies with RAWBITE

Crunchy nuts, spicy cinnamon and sweet apples – with these easy vegan cookies you are going to transform your kitchen into a Christmas bakery. Get inspired by our recipe with RAWBITE Apple Cinnamon!
Taking action against food waste by consuming food consciously

Taking action against food waste by consuming food consciously

Food waste is a global problem. All over the world, food is being discarded while many people can’t even afford a decent meal. Read on to find out what causes food waste and what you can do to help...