Taking action against food waste by consuming food consciously

Taking action against food waste by consuming food consciously

Food waste is a global problem. All over the world, food is being discarded while many people can’t even afford a decent meal. Read on to find out what causes food waste and what you can do to help...

Protecting the environment, protecting our bars, protecting you 

Sustainability and environmental protection are two topics that are incredibly close to our hearts at RAWBITE. Finding the right materials to achieve a balance between sustainability, food safety a...
RAWBITE Blood donation

R_W_ITE – the missing letters that make all the difference

Today, the 14th of June, is World Blood Donor Day. Read on to find out why donors are always urgently needed, what you need to know about giving blood and why you should.
RAWBITE Christmas_calender

Advent calendar – counting down the days the sustainable and vegan way

Presenting your loved ones with an advent calendar is a sure-fire way to win in the popularity stakes. Packing the little parcels yourself makes the calendar more personal and also lets you pick co...