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When’s the best time to eat a protein bar and how can you add more protein to your diet?

Getting more protein into your diet doesn’t have to be a struggle or a chore – in fact, with the new RAWBITE protein bars Crunchy Almond and Smooth Cacao it’s downright tasty! Wondering how and whe...
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Everything you need: Nutrient-rich diet for power

Whether in sports or in everyday life: If you want to give your best, you need a diet that gives you enough energy and provides you with all the necessary nutrients. Why this is important for your ...

The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations (NNR)

Designed to improve diets, advice for physical activity and to form the basis for product labelling, The Nordic Nutrition Recommendations provide science-based recommendations for consumer choices ...
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Sugar – Time for Some Sweet Talk

Sweet, tempting and so difficult to ignore – we’re not talking about your super-cute neighbour or work colleague, but about sugar. Most foods we eat contain sugar or other sweeteners in some form. ...

Fibre – Great for Your Gut 

The term dietary fibre probably rings a bell. But what is it that makes fibre so important? Find out more about this essential part of our nutrition, its benefits and how you can get plenty in your...
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Can you get enough protein in a vegan diet? 

As an athlete, can you stick to a vegan lifestyle and get enough protein? We’ve got the answer and it’s a resounding “Yes!”  Read on to find out more about what our bodies need protein for, how muc...