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Everything you need: Nutrient-rich diet for power

Whether in sports or in everyday life: If you want to give your best, you need a diet that gives you enough energy and provides you with all the necessary nutrients. Why this is important for your digestion, among other things, you can read here. Together in the interview with the track and field athlete, Martha Rasmussen.

Whether a gluten-free, vegan or sugar-free diet works best for you: Either way, a varied and balanced diet with plenty of nutrients should not go amiss. Martha Rasmussen, track and field athlete and RAWBITE Ambassador, knows how important this is: "As an athlete, a healthy lifestyle is important - from nutrition to mental health. To be the best version of myself , I prefer to eat unprocessed foods. Even though it's a must for all of us, it's especially important for me because I suffer from ulcerative colitis, a bowel disease."


Eyes open when choosing food

Our digestive system has many important jobs to do. A healthy diet of fiber-rich foods can help ensure that everything runs smoothly and support the intestines. Unprocessed foods without artificials also start here and provide many important nutrients for your body. With her bowel disease, Martha needs to keep an eye on what she eats: “Bowel disease causes my intestinal flora and stomach to react poorly to E-numbers, bad bacteria, and refined foods. Therefore, it is good to have an organic, vegan and lactose-free bar, like RAWBITE.”

The fiber-rich RAWBITE bars without additives are the perfect snack for in between. “Since the RAWBITE bars are made from natural ingredients, are vegan, organic and also gluten free, I prefer to eat them in my daily routine”, says Martha. Especially, when she goes straight from school to training, a RAWBITE bar comes in very handy.

Nutrition For Your Body In a Balanced Diet

When eating a balanced diet, you should have an eye on the nutritional values. These are essential components of foods that provide energy and supply our bodies with everything they need. They include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. With your diet, you should make sure you get enough of everything: Proteins for muscle building and repair; fiber to support digestive processes; carbohydrates as the main source of energy; and vitamins and minerals to strengthen the immune system.

Fuel Your Body With Protein and Carbs 

Martha tries to eat 2g of Protein per Kilogram bodyweight everyday: “After strength training, I need to build muscle mass and after the hard training sessions I need help to build the body as it breaks down. The RAWBITE protein bar helps with the reconstruction.” 

The right choice of food is also important for the energy levels during an active day. It plays an important role in relation to one's performance and helps to supply fuel to the body. “If I am completely in control of my energy during training, I always eat a bar right after my running training, as it is good to consume energy and carbohydrates right after a workout. In that way, you are sure to keep muscle mass and energy for the rest of the day”, says the athlete. 

RAWBITE bars keep Martha company during both her training and leisure.  I also enjoy a RAWBITE bar when I feel like something sweet just as a healthy snack.”

For more inspiration about high-fiber foods, delicious recipe ideas for a balanced diet, or sugar-free eating, feel free to check out our other blog posts. 

And don't forget: a conscious diet should also be fun and intuitive. Just like our motto indicates:

Pure Taste. Pure Joy.