How a Sportswatch Helps Enhance Performance During Training Sessions

How a Sportswatch Helps Enhance Performance During Training Sessions

A frequently discussed topic in running circles is whether to run naked or not, i.e. without music, tracker or other "distractions". Both parts can have advantages during the run, but if you are a data-loving runner, there are still so many advantages to be gained from running with a running watch. We focus on them here.
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There are many different activity trackers for the wrist on the market, and we love the large selection, so there is something to suit all sports. Here, however, we focus exclusively on a running watch and its benefits, although the watch can be used to achieve your goals within exactly the sport you prefer.

As a proud co-sponsor of the Royal Run and various races with Sparta in Denmark and Sportcheck in Germany, we at RAWBITE would like to help spread the joy of running and motivate as best we can. Read much more about our campaign "A bit closer to your goals" here. A sports watch can also be a very good tool to achieve your goals.

Is a running watch even for you?

You absolutely do not need to be an elite runner to be able to enjoy the benefits of tracking your runs. As long as you enjoy improving yourself, want ideas for new routes or dwell a little longer on your successes, then this might be something for you.

You absolutely do not need to choose from the top shelf if you simply want to use the watch while you run. Then you just have to familiarize yourself with which functions could be fun to have on your runs. If you are someone who loves to run with music in your ears, it is good to choose one that can be connected to Spotify. If you want to wear the watch constantly, it might be a good idea to choose one that matches your style and clothes. There are also watches with very durable sapphire glass that cannot be scratched, which is often a good investment if you are very active.

An extra running mate

RAWBITE's Online Growth Manager, Mette, is a very happy user of her running watch, which is constantly on her wrist - whether it's in the office, on a run or at a party. In addition to the usual functions such as pedometer, km counter, heart rate monitor, speed, cadence meter, altimeter and training effect, she almost uses her watch as an extra running partner. Here she has collected four of her favorite features, which she (almost) can't live without:

  1. Built-in GPS. It goes without saying that a tracking running watch has a built-in GPS. And it is alpha omega to be able to see your routes when you get home. On the trip itself, however, it can also be a rather nice function, as I often run on forest paths, where you can get a little lost. That's why it's handy to be able to stop quickly, switch to the map and see where you are. Especially if you have to find your way home, because then the watch shows where you started, and then it's just a matter of finding your way there.
  1. Route planning. It is brilliant that you can connect your watch to apps such as Garmin's own "Connect" or Strava and find good routes if you are in an unknown place.
  1. Long battery life. There is nothing worse than devices that constantly need to be recharged. Therefore, the most important thing for me is to choose a watch that keeps the battery for a very long time. Mine can last battery for approx. five days if I use it an hour a day.
  1. Virtual coaches and training suggestions. If I’ve had to train for a specific goal, whether it's distance or speed, it's quite useful to use one of the virtual coaches that, for example, Garmin has in its app. That way, you have your running program close at hand - and in your ears if you run with your smartphone and headphones. In addition, the watch can give you suggestions for runs with specified length and average speed with the aim of improving your training. Therefore, every time you want to start a running session, it gives you a suggestion - and you can always skip it if you have other plans.

If you are not sure whether you should run in a group or alone, read here about the advantages about running together.

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