One bite closer to your goals - RAWBITE x Royal Run '23

One bite closer to your goals - RAWBITE x Royal Run '23

Exercise and sporty activities like running outside are a great way to stay fit, recharge and socialize. The right food is particularly important here. It should not be too heavy, easy to store and full of nutrients and fiber. With its wide range of bars, RAWBITE provides the perfect snack for every adventure outdoors.

Read on to find out why RAWBITE and Royal Run in Denmark are the perfect match.

Royal Run in Denmark is an annual traditional run initiated by Crown Prince Frederik and his family with the intention to support a healthy lifestyle among the danish community. Since the first time performed in 2018, the run has become one of the annual highlights for the Danes with more than 50,000 participants each year. Royal Run takes place in 6 different cities all over Denmark, including Aabenraa, Herning, Copenhagen/Frederiksberg, Nyborg and Nykøbing Falster, where participants can choose to run or walk either one mile, 5k or 10k.

And as down to earth as the Danish royal family reigns, the highlight of the day is to run together with the Crown Prince family until reaching the finish line together! 

This year, the 5th edition of Royal Run is upcoming and we are pleased to announce that RAWBITE will be the official product sponsor for the second time in a row! Over 100.000 tasty RAWBITE bars in 4 different flavors (Cashew, Coconut, Cacao and Lime) will be provided to the event where each runner crossing the finish line will get a bar to get fueled with tasty snacks made of 100% pure ingredients.

Not into the running routine yet? Don't be afraid! Royal Run is a run for all and everyone - no matter of age or physical condition. It is all about having fun and enjoying being active as a community. At this particular event the end time isn´t the paramount. It's about bringing people together and helping them achieve their individual goals. That's why RAWBITE and Royal Run are a great match.

Just like that it is our mission with RAWBITE to support an active and healthy lifestyle every day. With all our bars being organic and vegan certified, containing no added sugar, but loads of fiber, the bars will fuel your body and make sure you stay motivated.

So whether you are heading to work, need a quick and tasty snack between meals or need a nutritional refuel after your workout - RAWBITE bars will support you with 100% pure ingredients. 

And as traditional Danish as Royal Run is, are our RAWBITE bars: All bars are produced in our own factory in Bagsvaerd, Denmark!

We hope to see you at the finish line on the 29th of May in either of the 6 host cities and celebrate the power of a strong and healthy community. 

Pure Taste. Pure Joy.