From Burnout to Thriving: How to Sustain Your Motivation When Life Gets Hectic

From Burnout to Thriving: How to Sustain Your Motivation When Life Gets Hectic

You are on your way home after a long day at work, need to pick up the children, go shopping and cook dinner for the family. Training in the evening seems far away and it can be difficult to find motivation to get out of the door. For many, it is easy to have motivation at the start of a training but it is difficult to maintain the otherwise good routine when everyday life is under pressure. Would you like to get good advice on maintaining motivation? Then you should read along here!

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Motivation is dynamic and can go up and down for periods. Especially when you are tired or have a busy everyday life it can be difficult to motivate yourself to follow up on your workout routine. We have some tips on how to find that willpower. 

Stay focused on your values and the long-term goal

We most likely all know the feeling of a fresh start when the calendar year changes on January 1st. A new start to achieve personal goals about e.g. to complete your first marathon, IRONMAN or something completely different. A goal that most often lies in the future within a given time horizon. The road to that goal is not linear, and there will be ups and downs along the way.

When the lack of motivation and fatigue approaches before a training session and the thought of staying on the couch presents itself, it is important to remind yourself of your values in the project and the long-term goal. Here it can help to ask yourself the following questions:


  • Why have I chosen to set that particular goal?
  • What do I want to achieve with the given goal?
  • Which values do I want to represent along the way to the goal?

Although it may be tempting to deviate from the plan and seek safety on the sofa, it will only give a short-term feeling of satisfaction, which will quickly change to an annoyance at not being taken out the door.


Just as it is important to remind yourself of the long-term plan and goals, it is equally important to have small milestones along the way. Sub-goals can help to make the journey towards the main goal more palatable and also to keep motivation up when the sub-goals are met along the way. A partial goal could, for example, be that, in connection with the running training for a 10 km race, you must complete a 5 km run halfway through the course. It can also be a more process-oriented sub-goal on e.g. to train 3 times a week or to eat healthy and varied. The most important thing is that your sub-goal can help you in the right direction in relation to your main goal.

Find a trainer and training partner

Whether your goal is to get stronger or be able to run 5 km, it can be a good idea to spar with a personal trainer or have a training partner. A trainer can help you structure your training so that it is manageable for your level and fits into your everyday life. In this way, you will experience ongoing development, which can help to boost motivation. Overall, it can be a good idea to have fixed training appointments at fixed times. Then you are not only responsible to yourself, but also to your training partner and together you can help each other to get through the planned training. If you and your training partner lack inspiration for running training, you can find a training guide for 5 and 10 km runs here

Remember to pat yourself on the back

Lifestyle changes and routines can be difficult to implement, which is why it's important to pat yourself on the back and reward yourself along the way. Rewards can be a good way to maintain motivation and a good incentive to complete the training. So when you have finished the training tonight, you can e.g. reward yourself with our delicious RAWBITE Protein for the evening coffee. With its protein content, natural taste and good crunch, our RAWBITE Protein is just the right reward for body and soul after exercise. Should you try it? 

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