Power and Performance: Why Carbs Are Important

Power and Performance: Why Carbs Are Important

Ever heard of a "pasta party" ? Athletes eat a huge portion of carbs to be prepared for an endurance event the next day. But why are carbs so important for an active lifestyle? Read more about the benefits of carbs.

The term "pasta party" is probably familiar to anyone who has ever been involved with marathons, IRONMAN races or cycling events. Athletes eat a huge portion of carbs to fill their glycogen stores prior to their event the next day. Curbing hunger is not the main focus for this particular ritual, rather it's about "fueling" with carbohydrates. 

Why You Need Carbs When You Are Active 

If you are a sports or active person you should not only focus on protein but also on carbs. Fueling your body with carbs is important as you don’t want to deplete the glycogen stores completely during long periods of being active (like at an endurance event). This will cause you to rely on fat as your main fuel distributor - which eventually will influence your pace and power negatively due to the slower combustion of fat compared to carbohydrates. 

During endurance training or competition, carbohydrates and fat are used as the primary energy sources for the body. In order to maintain a high energy level and high energy output it's important to have a steady supply of carbohydrates. Snacks for athletes should supply immediately available energy without slowing them down. 

What to eat before or after sport? 

Dried fruits, with their easily digestible fructose, are therefore quite popular. This is one reason why they are also the perfect ingredient for RAWBITE, which is made exclusively from organic ingredients. For high performance athletes, this is very important. 

The danish national junior champion in triathlon, Silas Plambæk uses RAWBITE bars before, during and after training: "I use RAWBITE in my daily routine in and around school, swimming, biking and running. The RAWBITE bars fuels me with the right nutrients and mix of carbohydrates, fats and proteins prior to training sessions and when I need energy during school. After my training sessions I really benefit from the RAWBITE Protein bar as it substitutes positively to my recovery with a higher amount of protein.”

Take a closer look at ingredients

It is not only important to make sure your food is high in carbs but also keep an eye on a balanced diet  with nutrition.

A glance at the list of ingredients gives you reliable information about what is in your food. Many energy bars contain sweeteners or sugar substitutes that can have a laxative effect. Additives are often not very well tolerated by the body.
RAWBITE bars contain the combination of fruits and nuts.
Pure carbohydrates such as dextrose cause the blood sugar to soar and fall just as rapidly, often resulting in a dip in power, which is not ideal for endurance events: “Normally I struggle with stomach issues going from the swim to the run in training, but since using the bars my stomach has been calm, I had no issues and I've had the necessary energy for a 4 hour training session” says Silas Plambaek. 

RAWBITE can easily withstand varying temperatures – from Arctic to tropical – and fits perfectly in your pocket. Our vegan fruit & nut bars make conscious nutrition easy and we are always excited when they are used to support any kind of sporting experience.

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