Listen to your body - simple suggestions for mindful eating

Listen to your body - simple suggestions for mindful eating

In stressful everyday life, it is often difficult to listen to your body and recognize signals. Read more about the importance of mindful eating for your balance . We have simple tips for your everyday life.
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Hunger is quickly satisfied with a chocolate bar, a night shift at the laptop despite neck pain - hectic and stress are the order of the day. Listening to the body and interpreting signals is often not prioritized. 

But it is precisely our body that is in charge of our well-being and regulates our mood through hormones. For a balanced everyday life (LINK TO five suggestions for a better life) you should also be aware of your nutrition. Very important is the fuel that provides us with energy and nutrients - without a balanced diet, neither the mind nor the body can function.

Fewer distractions while eating 

How often do you look on the screen while biting into a sandwich? How often do your thoughts wander to the next meeting or ponder your to-do list for the next few days during lunch break? Simply avoid the distraction of mobile phones, TV screens or magazines. Instead, during meal time, focus on the food you've decided to take in and on your body's reactions to it. This will help you to get in tune with your body's signals. You will be in a better position to judge whether you've had enough to eat and sidestep the phases where your own cravings control your eating behavior.

Single Tasking while eating 

Enjoy every bite and be aware of the taste sensations. Be present in the moment and practice single tasking while eating. Feel the crunchy nuts between the soft and creamy RAWBITE bar. Make it a pleasant experience. If you are away from home, find a quiet place to eat, even for a light snack. Activate your senses - sight and smell should also participate fully in the feast for a more satisfying dining experience.

Take a moment after eating 

After your meal, stick around for five more minutes and stay with your body instead of rushing back to the grind. Then you will be relaxed enough to face the exciting challenges in your life again.

Listening to our bodies can make us happier because, while we are enjoying a snack or a meal, we have a chance to relax at the same time. This reduces stress in our everyday lives. Your meal breaks become your me-time, when it's all about you and your own, personal needs.

Pure Taste. Pure Joy.