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One Bite Closer to your Goals!

RAWBITE supports you in all sports activities, whether you do running, padel, football, triathlon or something completely different. A sporty and active everyday life is alpha omega for one's physical and mental health. Whether you are an elite athlete or just enjoy a few short walks during the week is secondary, as long as you aim to keep your body moving (and enjoy it). In the following, we focus on an active everyday life, as well as what you should eat to achieve your goals.

Active with the royal family


The Royal Run will be held again around Denmark's cities on 29 May - and RAWBITE will be ready when you cross the finish line and provide yourself with a delicious snack.

Running motivation:

New to the game?

We got our very own coach and colleague, Kasper, to write a bit about motivation (or lack thereof) and put together a super cool running program for beginners who want to run 5 km.


Why carbs are so important when you're active!

Running equipment:

Why you can't do without a running watch...

Our Online Growth Manager, Mette, loves her sports watch - and doesn't go anywhere without it. Read what she especially gets out of this...

Running communities:

Reach the finish line together

Why are there so many benefits to joining a running club?


Active & vegan?

Can you easily switch to a vegan lifestyle and still get the necessary amount of protein even if you exercise a lot?

Run Alone:

Enjoy the nature

Our colleague in Supply Chain, Vibeke, shares her thoughts and experiences regarding her great interest in running: She tells about how she got started, what motivates her, and she gives her advice on what could work for you as a beginner .