Peace and pace in nature – running as a hobby 

Peace and pace in nature – running as a hobby 

Do you sometimes struggle to motivate yourself to run? How can you master the leap from couch to 5K? Vibeke, a member of the RAWBITE team, shares with us what she loves about running, how she motivates herself and gives some tips for beginners.

From couch to 5K! Now it’s our collegaue Vibeke’s turn to tell us about her favourite sport – running. Read on to find out what motivates her and what her top tips for beginners are.

1. When did you start running? What made you start? 

I started running 25 years ago because it fitted nicely into my everyday life – especially with a full-time job, kids, and family. You don’t have to be somewhere at a specific time and it’s always possible to squeeze in a short distance. 


2. How did you start running? 

At first, I switched between running and walking before slowly increasing the distance. In that way I was able to build the distance from 3 km to 10-15 km five or six times a week. In-between, I also had periods where I focused more on fitness and didn’t run as much. 

3. How do you motivate yourself to go out there and just do it? 

My training is part of my routine. I don’t need to be motivated all the time because I know that I will be rewarded when endorphins are released.

4. What do you enjoy about running?

I think it’s mostly the time alone and the flexibility. Running calms me down. 


5. Do you also participate in races or do you prefer to run on your own?

I have actually never participated in races.


6. Do you prefer running alone or in a group? 

I like to run alone and set my own goals. In general, I like to feel how the body and mind react. It gives me the choice to push myself or take it easy.


7. What was your biggest success? 

My longest run was 18 km. I do work a little on my time during short runs. But having a good run is what matters most to me. 


8. Do you prefer to listen to a podcast, music, or nothing at all? 

I always listen to podcasts and audio books. 


9. Do you track your time and distance? 

I use my watch but do not track every run. I know that if I focus too much on times etc., it is at the expense of the sense of calm running gives me otherwise. I do know how long I need for my runs but not in great detail – it’s not the most important thing for me. 

10. Do you have a favourite running track? 

I love running in nature. With my job at RAWBITE I finally have a job that allows me to run to work and back. It is 2 x 6 km where two-thirds is along a lake and a forest. 

It's the best start to the day! 

11. What would you recommend for beginners who want to start running? 

I would recommend starting with a distance that is still fun and not too long. You should find out if it’s more motivating to run alone or in a group. 


12. Do you have tips for beginners?

Get going as often as possible, even if it’s short runs. Your brain will reward you and the urge to keep going will build. 


13. How do you recover after running? 

There are days when I may not have had enough to eat and need a fast blast of energy.

RAWBITE has saved me many times, both during a run, but also during the day when I need a healthy and tasty alternative to cookies.

But otherwise, it is important to learn to listen to your body, to eat healthily and get enough sleep. 


Thank you for the insights, Vibeke! 

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