Clean eating - back to natural food

Clean eating - back to natural food

You've probably heard of the clean eating trend. But what exactly does clean eating mean? Read more about the diet and on how to eat clean. 

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Fresh from nature on your plate - without industrial processing and burial of countless ingredients. Clean Eating is all about natural, unprocessed and nutrient-rich foods. If you want to make sure that your body and mind get the benefits of a balanced diet this might just be the right thing for you. 

What is clean eating?

Flavour enhancers, colourings, preservatives, sweeteners and other additives – the ingredient list of some products is so long that we can hardly understand what we are actually eating. Many people are fed up with highly processed foods and the trend is going back to a natural diet. Clean eating therefore eliminates all of these artificial additives and includes eating the food as unprocessed as possible. You don't have to count calories, ban carbohydrates from your diet or do without snacks - as long as it stays in a reasonable way.

The shorter the list of ingredients, the better! Everything that we don't need in our diet anyway should be eliminated: This includes artificial additives, but also fast food, junk food, industrial sugar and wheat flour.

Clean eating with RAWBITE

The RAWBITE bars are the perfect addition to your conscious diet. The vegan bars are organic, with no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugar) and gluten-free - clean eating at it’s best! Try the fruit and nut bars now and be amazed by the pure ingredients. 

Ways to eat clean 

The key idea behind clean eating is to keep food as natural and as unprocessed as possible. You can go wild in the fruit and vegetable section for example. But also legumes (like chickpeas and lentils), unprocessed dairy products, nuts, eggs, meat and fish can end up in your shopping cart.

Are you vegetarian or even vegan? Even better! Clean Eating is very diverse, so you absorb an extremely large number of important nutrients. Another plus point: This diet is very high in fiber - just like our RAWBITE bars! Combine your fibre sources, such as whole grain pasta, bulgur, millet, oats and brown rice, with low-fat protein, which is found in broccoli, peas, lentils, beans and almonds, and high-quality fats from avocado or vegetable oils, and you’ve got a balanced and very tasty diet. Season with fresh herbs instead of an overdose of salt – and you’ll wonder why you ever wanted to eat anything else!

Sweets can be swapped with treats from nature - for example dates, vanilla, coconut  or cocoa.

Regional & seasonal

When you go shopping, make sure that the products you buy are regional, seasonal and organic. Farmers’ markets are good places to shop for products like these. Or try out your local farm shop instead of going to a supermarket. Quite apart from being healthier, it’s also much more fun!

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