Cashew – the non-nut we’re nuts about

Cashews play a leading role in our delicious fruit and nut bars. And, like our other ingredients, it’s well worth shining a spotlight on this nut that isn’t actually one. Read on to discover where the cashew gets its name from and other deeply satisfying facts.

Cashews have a uniquely sweet, almost creamy flavour that makes them a versatile ingredient. To ensure that they stay fresh, nuts should be stored in a dry, airtight container in a cool place. (1) But hang on a sec… are cashews even true nuts? 

The kernel of the matter 

The cashew tree is a member of the sumac family of plants. This tree bears fleshy stalks referred to as cashew apples. But don’t let the word apple mislead you: the tree’s actual fruit is the small, kidney-shaped appendix that grows beneath the cashew apple. This contains the tasty, comma-shaped kernel that we know as a cashew nut. 

The cashew apple is harvested by hand; the seed is removed and laid out to dry in the sun. Once it’s nicely dry, the membrane is stripped off and the kernel inside is removed.

Strictly speaking, these kernels aren’t really nuts, but are botanically classified as stone fruit (2). 

So what about the name? 

The cashew got its name from its shape, which bears a passing resemblance to a kidney. 

The word cashew is a hybrid from the Portuguese and the Tupi language. In these languages, the nut is called “caju” and “acaju”, which means kidney. The cashew tree is often called the acaju tree – the kidney tree. (3,4)


What’s in them? 

Literally packed with all sorts of goodness, cashews definitely deserve to feature in your meal plan. Cashews contain 260 mg magnesium and 490 g phosphorus per 100 g. They also contain 15 g of protein pro 100 g. (5) 

Cashews in the kitchen 

In south and south-eastern Asian cuisine cashews are used as an ingredient in a recipe, while in western countries they are more commonly eaten as a snack (2). 

Whether you enjoy them as a butter, an ingredient in vegan cheese alternatives or in fruit and nut bars, cashews are a great addition in the kitchen – and in our bars. 

Dive into the creamy, sweet world of cashews and treat yourself to one of our RAWBITE Cashew Bars.


Pure Taste. Pure Joy.



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