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NEW: Two delicious protein bars

Our new RAWBITE protein bars Smooth Cacao and Crunchy Almond are two delicious new members in the world of protein bars. As always with organic and plant-based ingredients such as cocoa, dates and nuts, the bars contain plenty of power. With more than 20 % protein they are an excellent option for all of you who want to increase your daily protein intake.

RAWBITE Protein bar Smooth Cacao

New and delicious

Protein Smooth Cacao

Our new RAWBITE Protein bars Smooth Cacao bar is made from delicious organic ingredients such as cocoa, fruit and vanilla. It contains as much as 20% protein, which comes from cashew nuts, sunflower seeds and rice, and provides plenty of power in every bite!

RAWBITE Protein bar Crunchy Almond

New and improved taste

Protein Crunchy Almond

Same good quality and pretty pink colour, but in an improved version with more taste and more protein - now 21%. The new Protein Crunchy Almond contains a delicious combination of cocoa, fruits and almonds - and helps to give your body some good power.

RAWBITE Protein bars FAQ

FAQ Protein

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RAWBITE Vegan and Sporty

Active lifestyle

Become a Sporty Vegan?

How do you get enough protein when you are a vegetarian or vegan - and active?

RAWBITE Protein bars ice


Homemade popsicles with RAWBITE protein

Try our recipe for homemade popsicles with RAWBITE protein bars. You can use whatever RAWBITE protein bar you like best. Delicious and refreshing.