A protein bar is best used as a snack after a hard exercise or for an energy boost during a long workout.

Eating a protein bar shortly after finishing your workout can help your body repair muscle and promote recovery. If you are looking for an energy boost during exercise, try having half a bar to keep your energy levels up.


RAWBITE protein bars are made with organic, plantbased ingredients. The main source of protein in the bars is rice proteins, combined with nuts for extra crunch and texture.

In RAWBITE Protein Crunchy Almond it's almonds, rice and pumpkin seeds that provide the proteins.

In RAWBITE Protein Smooth Cacao you find next to the rice sunflower seeds and cashews.


Plant proteins are just as effective as animal proteins for post-workout muscle recovery, so RAWBITE is the perfect choice for the ones, who prefer to eat more plantbased.

Our protein bars contain plant-based proteins, which deliver all the essential amino acids and many vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for athletes. Plus they taste great, so you can reach your performance goals without compromising on flavour!


Absolutely not!

All the ingredients are plantbased and sustainably sourced. We believe that nature provides us with all the nutrition and energy we need to get through a workout, and so we have used only clean ingredients in our protein bars.

Everything is gluten-free, vegan-friendly and free from added sugar or chemicals.

Our ingredients are the perfect base for our tasty bars. We avoid artificial colouring and sweeteners, therefore we claim our bars 100% pure and without artificials.

Both bars have a base of rice protein powder, raisins and dates, but there are also some differences:

Our blue protein bar "Smooth Cacao" is filled with cashews, cocoa and vanilla. The pink bar "Crunchy Almond" consists of pumpkin seeds, almonds and cocoa nibs.

The blue bar "Smooth Cacao" contains 20% of protein and the pink "Crunchy Almonds" has 21% protein.

We removed the cashews and replaced it with almonds for more crunch - and at the same time we have increased the amount of protein in the bar. This is also the reason why the Crunchy Almond Protein bar now have the stamp "high in protein"

We listened to our consumers. Some of them wished to try smaller RAWBITE bars. Therefore we have adjusted the size slightly for the new Protein range to meet our consumers demand.

We believe that natural raw materials give simply the best sweetness, therefore we use the sweetness of the fruits, with no artificial ingredients and sweeteners. Our dates and raisins grew up sun-kissed, which explains the high amount of sugar. But additionally you get also many fibers, when eating the bars, which is a great support for an active livestyle.

RAWBITE bars are made from 100% plant-based ingredients, with no artificials and chemicals. These ingredients have a limited protein content. At the same time, we want to create a great taste with the available ingredients and keep our recipes simple. That means RAWBITE proteinbars are high in protein, tasty and the recipes are understandable.

We have a clear philosophy, that we do not want to add artificial couloring, sweeteners or other chemical produced substances to our bars. That is why we claim, that the bars are 100% pure due to the clean ingredients we use. We guarantee 100% pure taste, pure joy.