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There is no better time to be active than in the summer, when you don't have to worry about outerwear or frozen toes. On the other hand, the winter weather can do something different. RAWBITE is with you on the slopes and the cold hiking trails. It gives us snow and the opportunity to ski, snowboard, or hike in beautiful white landscapes.

Cross-country skiing

Let's get the long skis out...

Do you know the incredible health benefits of cross-country skiing? Warm up - because we're going on an adventure in nature!

Interview Alex SchmidInterview Alex Schmid

Ambassador interview: Alex Schmid

Get to know this world champion better

RAWBITE Winter hikes

Active lifestyle

RAWBITE: The Ultimate Hiking Companion

Hiking in winter is a truly magical experience, but also really cold if you don't have the right equipment and the right snacks.

Active Lifestyle:

With Johanna on the slopes

Our own Brand Activation Manager, Johanna, was practically born with skis on! She is at home in southern Germany and not far from the snowy Alps. Read on and get her best insider tips!