Interview Alex Schmid

Alex Schmid - a true champion on the slopes and a loyal RAWBITE fan. 

We had a chat with our ambassador, Alexander Schmid, the alpine skiing world champion of 2023. Wow, indeed! Besides this, he has been a loyal RAWBITE fan for several years - and we are thrilled to continue collaborating with him for another year. This time, we asked him about his diet, health, training, goals, and dreams. Read more and be inspired by a genuine world champion…
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When did you first hear about RAWBITE? Do you remember your very first RAWBITE bar? 

I first became aware of RAWBITE a few years ago through social media, more specifically, Instagram. It must have been around 4 years ago. My teammate, Stefan Luitz, also had a couple of bars in his backpack at that time. He gave me one of them, and I was immediately hooked. 

Are you more on team “snacks MUST taste good” or more on “snacks MUST be functional”, when it comes to your diet?

Then, I must admit, “it MUST be functional”, but the good thing is that there are many snacks that also taste really good. 

What does a healthy diet mean for your goals? Do you have a nutrition coach, or do you communicate with the team about which foods are good for training and competitions? 

The body is our most important asset. Nutrition is therefore an important part of achieving our goals. We have a nutrition coach from our association, who always accompanies us at training courses. My mother is actually a nutrition expert as well, so my brother and I have been exposed to this topic from an early age and have been raised with a healthy lifestyle. I am still very grateful towards her for that today

Does vegan or vegetarian food play a role during training/exercising or before a competition?

I eat everything. I believe that a healthy and balanced diet is beneficial. However, with moderate amounts of animal products. Everyone has to figure it out for themselves and ultimately decide what they eat before competitions. However, I only eat light food before the races. 

How do you define your goals and consistently work towards them? 

Goals are extremely important. I have short-term and long-term goals. You need them to keep your motivation up during training and ultimately for the competition. This is the only way to achieve your personal best performance. 

How do you mentally prepare for an important race? Everything has to click in seconds, and there is no room for fixing small mistakes.

Before each race, there is a review/inspection of the race track that all athletes are allowed to perform. We then remember some defined points, to focus on specific turns or more challenging sections. After the start, I just trust my abilities and aim for a faster time. 

And yes, it is true, there is not that much room for mistakes. It would therefore be best not to make any mistakes ;). 

How do you relax between training sessions? 

Eat well, sleep well, and be active (biking, rowing, jogging, mobilization, stretching routines…)

Where do you prefer to workout?

“Pfelders” is one of my favorites. This training area is varied, challenging, and you always feel welcome.

Protein bars or protein shakes? 

Protein bars

Healthy bowls or greasy fries? 

I actually do not really like french fries, so I am going to say healthy bowls :P. Those I actually really like.

Running or biking? 

If it needs to go fast, then run. But otherwise, biking. 


Chocolate bars or nut bars? 

Nut bars


Chocolate cake or chocolate advent calendar

Chocolate cake


To cook for yourself or eat on the go?

Cook for myself


Favorite bar, and why?

In winter: Apple Cinnamon - it tastes like apple pie and feels warm inside. 

In summer: Lime - because it is very refreshing and fruity. 

Do you have talents other than skiing that others cannot know about? 

I always say that a skier can do almost anything, but cannot do anything well (except skiing). So I am still searching for that hidden talent before I reveal it.


Top 3 on your bucket list? 

Travel more around the world, go to more concerts, try flying with a wingsuit. 


What goals do you want to achieve at the moment? 

Get in shape again for the beginning of the season and show what I can do. 


Common sense or gut feeling?

Gut feeling


Last question: Do you have a life mantra or favorite saying/quote? 

The best defense is a good offense! 


Thank you so much for your time - and good luck with the 2024 season! 


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