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Summer in the city: Staycations rule! 

Feel in need of a break but don’t want to travel too far afield? Sounds like you could do with a staycation. We’ve got the best tips for the summer of your life – at home. 
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Feel in need of a break but don’t want to travel too far afield? Sounds like you could do with a staycation. We’ve got the best tips for the summer of your life – at home. 

Turn an excursion into a short break 

Whether it’s a bike trip to the countryside, a Sunday drive to the seaside or a couple of cosy hours spent reading by the side of the lake – make the most of summer by celebrating every single day and each sunny moment outside in the fresh air. Remember what it feels like to walk barefoot? Perhaps not necessarily in the city centre, but a park, a bathing lake or your own garden are places where you can easily fling your shoes in the corner and free your toes. Doesn’t it feel good to have grass beneath your feet? Other great things to do in summer include unplanned get-togethers with friends. Drifting through the day, inviting friends over for a drink on your balcony or staying up all night to chat – isn’t that essence of a holiday?

Summer in the garden
We’re big believers in impromptu garden parties: for the perfectly festive setting put candleholders on the table and attach some coloured balloons (ideally helium-filled ones). Fairy lights in big mason jars and bottles add a cosy touch. If you haven’t got an outdoor table big enough for all your guests, simply push a couple of wooden pallets together on the ground, scatter cushions around and you’re good to go!

Ice, Ice, Baby

Thirsty guests on your balcony or in your garden are an absolute no-no. Avoid getting caught out by using a stylish, retro-look drinks dispenser. These large glass containers not only look great, they’re also ideal for infused water (e.g. with fresh mint and slices of lime), homemade punch or iced tea….

Summer, sun, ice cream!

Is it even summer if you don’t have ice cream to enjoy on your balcony? We don’t think so, which is why you should always, always have some in your freezer. It doesn’t have to be shop-bought; you can make your own sorbet – even without an ice-cream maker. Here’s how to turn your kitchen into an ice cream parlour: for super-tasty, delicious-looking yoghurt berry ice cream you need the following: 100ml cream, 125g raspberries, 50g blueberries, 2tbsp coconut sugar, 100g full-fat yoghurt. Whip the cream, wash the berries and pat them dry. Put the raspberries and the coconut sugar in a bowl and mash with a fork; add the blueberries, yoghurt and finally the cream. Fill the mixture into 6 ice-lolly shapes (60ml). Pop a stick in each shape and freeze for at least 3 hours. To remove the lolly, dip the shape briefly in hot water, squeeze out and enjoy! 

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Camping in your own garden 

Campsites in Italy, France or Portugal? Who needs them? If you ask us, most are overrated and too full. Plus, why bother going so far afield? If you’ve got a garden, pitch a tent. Add a foam mat, a warm sleeping bag or duvet and perhaps some mosquito spray – and enjoy a night of glamping in the comfort of your own garden. 

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