Fit for Spring

Fit for Spring

We’re skipping and dancing for joy – because spring has finally sprung! Join us in celebrating with delicious recipes and tips for how to kick off into the warmer months full of energy and joy.

We’re skipping and dancing for joy – because spring has finally sprung! Join us in celebrating with delicious recipes and tips for how to kick off into the warmer months full of energy and joy.

Spring is here! At last!! The birds are singing, the flowers blossoming, and trees and bushes are awash with the most beautiful, delicate green. But instead of feeling energised by all this fresh activity, some of us feel exactly the opposite: we simply can’t get going and struggle with a general sense of lethargy, exhaustion and lack of drive. The winter blues have returned for a final fling. But don’t worry: with a few simple life hacks you can banish the winter blues and embrace spring!

Light meals – a tasty remedy for lethargy

In the cold winter months we tend to have an appetite for rich, heavy foods. There’s a simple explanation for this: our body needs extra energy. But now that the weather is warmer and the days longer, it’s important to avoid making the seasonal switch even more difficult by eating the wrong foods. Now’s the time to eat small portions, spread over the day to avoid your body from having to consume all the energy needed to digest a large meal. Ideal foods now include lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Another way to tackle lethargy is to make sure that your blood sugar levels remain constant. Low blood sugar levels make you feel tired and drained. Whole grains, such as wholemeal bread and pasta, brown rice, pulses and muesli (sugar-free!), are ideal. If you’re out and about a lot, take a couple of RAWBITE bars with you.

Fresh air and exercise

What we need now is exercise outside in the fresh air and lots of sunlight. Close your laptop – you can catch up with all those series again in the autumn. Long walks and hikes or cycle tours are what your body needs now. Boost your circulation with a sauna, steam bath, or hot and cold showers. Stick to this regimen and we guarantee you’ll be top fit and raring to go!

An all-time favourite: Brunch!

If there’s one thing guaranteed to make us feel happier it’s the prospect of short breaks and long weekends. Need some ideas for a leisurely and tasty brunch in spring with friends and family? Our sweet and savoury treats tick all the boxes:

Green Gazpacho

(serves 4)

2 avocados

½ cucumber

2 spring onions

500 ml vegetable stock

2 tbsp lemon juice

4 small glass bowls

Some dill and a handful of sunflower seeds to garnish

Cut open the avocados, remove the stone and spoon out the flesh. Roughly chop the cucumber and spring onions. Put in a blender with the vegetable stock and lemon juice and blend until smooth; chill for 2 to 3 hours.

Spoon the gazpacho into the bowls and garnish with dill and sunflower seeds before serving.

Our friends Marie and Cecilie from created this delicious spring recipe.


Gluten-free carrot cake with frosting

RECIPE: for roughly 12 slices

Preparation time: 25 min. / Baking time: 25 min.


225 g rolled oats 4 carrots (medium)

2 tbsp psyllium husk powder (or another form of psyllium)

3 eggs or egg replacers

200 g Skyr or (soy) yoghurt

120 g honey (e.g. acacia honey) or syrup (agave syrup, maple syrup or a combination)

3 tbsp coconut oil or butter

2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp cardamom (optional)

2 tsp powdered ginger (optional)

60 - 120 g walnuts (optional)

1 pinch of salt



200 g (vegan) cream cheese (can be replaced with Skyr or soy yoghurt)

2 tbsp Skyr or soy yoghurt

2 tbsp icing sugar

Lemon zest

Lemon juice






Preheat the oven to 170 degrees and have the ingredients ready. Heat coconut oil / butter until melted. Grate the carrots finely and put all the ingredients (except the walnuts) in a bowl. Whisk well. Add the whole walnuts and stir into the mixture. Put the mixture in a lined cake tin or a silicone mould. The height should not exceed 3 cm. Bake the cake for about 25 minutes until it is moist but firm.


Put the (vegan) cream cheese in a bowl. Add the grated lemon peel and the icing sugar. Beat the ingredients together with an electric whisk or fork. Flavour with lemon juice, adding more icing sugar to taste. Wait until the cake has cooled to about room temperature before applying the frosting.

Pure Taste. Pure Joy.