Vegan spreads with RAWBITE

Vegan spreads with RAWBITE

Bread & RAWBITE bars do not go together? We say: Yes, they do! Creamy nuts combined with the typical RAWBITE crunch make this spread irresistible. Try the RAWBITE spreads and see for yourself. 

Whether for breakfast, lunch or in between, a slice of bread is always a good choice - also in combination with RAWBITE bars. We have created a vegan spread with no added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugars). A delicious topping for your bread with only two ingredients. 

Let’s get started! 


  • 1 RAWBITE of your choice
  • 50 g almond drink

Optional toppings : fruits, coconut, cacao nibs…


  1. Crumble the bar and soak it for at least 1 hour – (or overnight) in the almond drink.
  1. Blend the preparation until you obtain a good consistency of a spread.
  1. Spread it over your favorite bread, and pimp your morning toast with fruits.

You can use a mix of bars to play with flavors, respecting the ratio of 50 g liquid for 1 bar. You can use any RAWBITE bar you desire to make the recipe! Play with flavors!

Tipp: If you fill the spread in a glass, it is great to bring along as an office snack.

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Pure Taste. Pure Joy.