RAWBITE Coconut Bowl

RAWBITE Coconut Bowl

Are you looking for light, tasty food for the summer? We have something for you: The creamy RAWBITE Coconut Bowl. Exotic, tropical, delicious - try it now and enjoy your sweet escape from your daily routine.

Exotic. Tropical. Coconut. With the creamy RAWBITE Coconut Bowl, you can bring summer right into your home! If you are looking for other recipes for refreshing snacks, try our RAWBITE Smoothie Bowl or homemade protein ice cream.

Let’s go


For the base

2 (organic) mangoes

1 ½ (organic) bananas

2 tbsp (organic) coconut butter/oil

For the topping

1 RAWBITE Cashew or Coconut bar (broken into pieces)

(vegan) chocolate pearls

(Organic) banana slices

(Organic) flaxseed

Dried, crunchy (organic) coconut flakes


Blend all the ingredients for the base in a blender until it’s smooth and fill it into a bowl. Then you can arrange the bowl with the ingredients for the topping as you like and enjoy!

For a varied combination you can vary the ingredients and RAWBITE bars and put together your individual bowl. Take a look and see if you still have something lying around that urgently needs to be used up - this is how you avoid food waste and pimp up your smoothie bowl.

You can find the original recipe by @federicadelsale on Instagram: @bowlbunny.it

The RAWBITE team wishes you a lot of fun trying it out!

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