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Best Road Trip Ideas for Sweden from RAWBITE and Roadsurfer

If you have always dreamed of a trip to Sweden, then we have the perfect cooperation for you. RAWBITE and Roadsurfer have teamed up to offer you an unforgettable experience.
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If you have always dreamed of a trip to Sweden, then we have the perfect cooperation for you. RAWBITE and Roadsurfer have teamed up to offer you an unforgettable experience. All Roadsurfer renters who hire a campervan in Sweden will receive a delicious fruit and nut bar to taste this summer.  Pick up your roadsurfer in Stockholm, Gothenburg or Malmö and then immerse yourself in Sweden's breathtaking nature, discover hidden treasures and enjoy delicious snacks on your road trip with Roadsurfer. All of this with unlimited free kilometers and a second driver who can travel included in the price.

Read on and let our Swedish colleague Maja give you tips for your next vanlife adventure in the land of lakes and forests.


RAWBITE x Roadsurfer

RAWBITE: Can you give us a few reasons why people should explore your country with a camper?

Maja:  I think a camper trip is the perfect way to see so much more, you can take a stop wherever and just enjoy the view.  Exploring a country with a camper van gives you the flexibility, comfort, and access to nature, making it a perfect way to experience landscapes on your own terms and enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, or kayaking. With Sweden's "Allemansrätten," you can camp almost anywhere in nature, allowing you to wake up to stunning lakes or forests. But with a camper van you also have the flexibility to see the beautiful cities like Stockholm or Gothenburg. All this without the hassle of constantly changing accommodations, how convenient? 

RAWBITE: Since you have mentioned the “Allemansrätten”, can you explain what that means?

Maja: The principle of “Allemansrätten” in Sweden, gives you the freedom to roam and appreciate the natural beauty of the country, emphasizing respect for nature and its inhabitants. 

RAWBITE: What is the best time traveling to Sweden? Do you have a favorite season?

Maja: Summer for sure!! The summer in Sweden is the absolute best. Not much that beat the Swedish summer. We have mild temperatures and longer daylight hours, creating ideal conditions for a road trip and outdoor adventures as well as sightseeing throughout the country. During the summer in Sweden it gets dark late, for example if you are far north, the sun does not set at all in June. 

RAWBITE: If you have one week in a Roadsurfer Autocamper, what would be the places you want to see and why?

Maja: I would either go to Gotland, Skåne or the West coast. All of these places are amazing during the summer.  All of them have amazing landscapes, Gotland is a large Swedish island and province in the Baltic Sea. Its limestone coastlines known as “rauks” are stunning and there are beautiful beaches. Skåne is also amazing with its diverse landscapes, including beaches, forests, and old castles. Finally, traveling to the West Coast of Sweden offers an experience with its fantastic coastal landscapes, picturesque fishing villages, fresh seafood cuisine, outdoor activities like sailing and kayaking, and a laid-back, charming atmosphere perfect for relaxing and exploration.

RAWBITE: And what would you do apart from driving and exploring the country? What are typical activities people should try in Sweden?

Maja: I really think you should rent a boat as well, so that you can see how beautiful everything is from the water. And, it’s important to have the Swedish Fika and maybe even enjoy the popular Swedish cinnamon bun. 

RAWBITE: Can you give some do’s and don’ts when enjoying vanlife in Sweden?


You should plan your route, maybe not too much but still have a plan on where to go and where you can sleep. Check camping areas beforehand. The roadsurfer App gives you recommendations for free, but you can also read blogs which describe great places for your vanlife.

You also need to pack good and not too much since you will be living small, make sure to bring essentials like water, food and emergency supplies. For example, during the summers in Sweden we have a lot of mosquitoes, so make sure to buy a mosquito repellent. 

And finally, you need to follow the "Allemansrätten" (Right of Public Access) responsibly.  

What you shouldn't do, as mentioned earlier, is that it’s important to be aware of where you can park and not, so make sure that you don’t park illegally. And don’t disturb the wildlife, keep a safe distance from animals. 

RAWBITE: when the next supermarket is far away, is there anything people should try when they feel hungry?

Maja: It then needs to be mushrooms like chanterelles or berries, which you can find typically in the Swedish forests. You can prepare the mushrooms in melted butter in your little kitchen area in the roadsurfer van and eat it with a piece of sourdough bread. The blueberries come afterwards as a dessert. So easy, so yummy and still plant based. Otherwise I would of course recommend having a RAWBITE, since you can have them without being worried that it will melt or crumble in the different temperatures.

RAWBITE: Thanks so much for your recommendations. 

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